6 Trainings - 1 Released Every 2 Weeks
Back To Basics: Building A NEW Solid Foundation 
  • ​The truths behind your physical and mood problems that aren’t talked about.
  • ​Learn the Outside-in/Inside-out Approach to healing your anxiety, fatigue and depression.
Slow It Down: Wheels Spinning in the Rut!
  • ​The #1 proven way to turn down the sympathetic nervous system (aka, the reason you can’t sleep at night)
  • ​Learn the BEST strategies to stop endless mind chatter
  • ​How to stop worry NOW
E-Motion: Get Your Energy Back IN MOTION 
  • ​How to stop feeling stuck and frustrated so that you can finally feel productive and efficient each day
  • ​Raise your vibes FAST to regain continuous energy and enthusiasm
  • ​How to make your goals a reality. FINALLY
Release: Feel It To Heal It
  • ​Stop unwanted feelings (anger, frustration, worry)
  • ​How to get freedom from an overworked and noisy mind
  • ​How to learn from negative emotions and what they’re actually telling you
Reprograming And Remembering: Take Your Power Back
  • ​Connect with and identify who you are and what you really want in life
  • ​The BIG PICTURE perspective to open your eyes to what’s really holding you back (or propelling you forward)
Tune In: BE The Receiver
  • ​Learn how to receive the gifts of the Universe (hint: you’re currently blocking all goodness in your life ;)
  • ​How to connect with your Internal Guidance System so that you always have clarity on the next step in your life
Plus you'll get...
Guidance & Accountability:
  • ​6 Align & Tune-In Group Q & A Calls
Your Soul Tribe:
  • ​Private Facebook community for the "System Reset” Program
  • ​Lifetime access to my Soul Tribe Community
And… A Bonus!
Free 30 minute exclusive Zoom session with Melissa. Valued at $300. Get unstuck and feel instant relief in a powerful 30 minute session!
Join the 12 Week SYSTEM RESET
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