Disconnect To Reconnect
Breathtaking Mountains and Healing Waters in Featherville, Idaho
April 17-20, 2020


Friend, if you find yourself craving some high vibes, relaxation, clarity in your personal and/or professional life and spirituality ALL in one place, then you’ve found your spot (and your people)!

This is an intimate group of 8 - 10 like-minded women who’ve been called to this space to un-wind, reset, and tend to their body, mind, and soul as we propel into 2020!

As we step into this new year, there are things within ourselves preventing us from embodying our full potential and standing in our power. (And from keeping that New Year’s resolution 😜)

We know we’ve got what it takes within us, but where’s it at?  
We’re waiting and waiting…but it’s GO TIME!

The time has come that we’re being called to step deeper into our soul’s mission but many of us are having a difficult time knowing what to do next.

OR we’ve been putting on the brakes for a variety of reasons even though we know what we “should” be doing.

Plus, the go-go-go that we're living in has affected our energy and ability to connect with our inner compass.

It’s difficult to truly listen amongst the noise OR be present when the wheels are constantly spinning.
But don’t worry, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help turn the dials down for you. 😉

Everything that’s happened in your life up to this point has prepared you for what you’re ready to create now. This will be YOUR year! 
Through this transformative weekend you will:
  • Receive CLARITY in what you WANT in your life and learn HOW to get it.
  • Raise your vibration to ALIGN with your next INSPIRED step….no more guessing.
  • Release blocks that are keeping you from moving forward.
  • Restore depleted energy and learn how to keep your cup full.
  • Reconnect with your spirit & enhance your intuition to feel confident in your next steps.
  • Renew your mind, body, and soul and kick start 2020 with a fresh, new YOU.
  • Experience the HEALING WATERS at Trinity Hot Springs.
“Trinity Hot Springs is the deepest known source of spring water on Earth. Trinity hot spring water has earned acclaim as the only certified “Naturliches Heilwasser” – a natural health water – in North America. The uniquely deep spring water is recognized as such by the Institut Fresenius in Europe – the international authority on free-flowing spring sources of exceptional purity that contain beneficial minerals.”
Pricing & Room Options:
  • Sleeping loft with river view (3 single beds in it): $1200
  • Bunk-bed in a room with a King Bed: $1200
  • King bed in the room with the bunk-bed: $1275
  • Private room with King bed: $1300
  • Private Master Suite with King bed, private bathroom & river view: $1500
  • Private room with King bed and river view: $1400
*Price includes food, lodging, healing, training, & activities .
*If you have a friend that came with you, you’re welcome to share a bed and split the room surcharge.
Retreat Location & Dates:
Location: Featherville, ID (90 min from Boise)

If you’re coming from out of state, we’ll make sure you have transportation to and from the cabin.

Arrive: Friday, April 17 @ 4pm
Depart: Monday, April 20 @ 12pm
(I recommend taking Tuesday off from work if possible to re-group) 


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